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Servicing Virginia

Hodgson Custom Rolling has grown over the years, and emerged as North America’s leader, and premier company for steel plate rollingbrake forming and structural steel rolling.  Hodgson Custom Rolling has expanded and extends services and products across North America, to the state of Virginia. Hodgson Custom Rolling has developed techniques, systems and teams of high skilled employees with decades of experience, to continually create the highest quality steel products. Our company services involves creating custom steel products for customers in Virginia. We make custom products for custom projects of any size. From Hampton to Roanoke, Arlington to Richmond, Hodgson Custom Rolling is committed to bringing high quality steel products to the state of Virginia. Every project is monitored using accredited Quality Management Systems. This ensures products are consistently of the highest quality. With our decades of experience, we create a project schedule and stick to it, delivering all projects in a timely manner. Hodgson Custom Rolling always wants to exceed customer expectations in Virginia and build the best customer relations and satisfaction. We continually push our boundaries further, creating new techniques, and providing the highest quality steel rolling or formed heavy steel plate components to North America. We strive to be Virginia’s first choice for steel plate rolling, brake forming, and structural steel rolling.

Hodgson Custom Rolling employees are extremely skilled and talented craftsmen with decades of experience working with steel. This makes them the greatest steel artisans in North America. Their decades of experience allows us to offer a variety of related services alongside our primary services. Our team of employees consistently create steel products of the highest quality and on a timely schedule. From welding and saw cutting, to machining and transportation, our team can handle anything and is always up to the challenge.

We here at Hodgson Custom Rolling continually strive to offer high quality products and services to customers all over North America.

Our areas of service in the U.S.A. include:

Our areas of service in Canada include:

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