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Decades of experience in welding cylinders, cones, and fabrications


With decades of experience in welding cylinders, cones, and fabrications; Hodgson has developed a strong welding team that can meet the most rigorous standards and requirements.

  • Fully certified to AWS/CWB and equivalent international standards
  • Qualified through ASME, TSSA and W47.1

Stress Relieving

Hodgson has the ability to offer stress relieving to its customers. With three different furnaces of varying sizes, we can certainly accommodate your stress relieving needs.

  • A car-bottom furnace with a working volume of 12’x12’x40′
  • Service limit of 80,000 lbs
  • Computer controlled and monitored
  • High temperature capability of 2000°F
  • Capable of hot working materials, stress relieving, annealing and heat treating

Saw Cutting

Hodgson Custom Rolling is pleased to offer saw cutting services up to 80″ x 80″. Our saw cutting services can be used to cut cylinders, shafts, and whatever else you might require. Our saws produce high accuracy and a quick turnaround time to meet your needs.


Hodgson can camber beams, HSS sections, channels, and just about any other section. Contact one of sales people to confirm our capabilities for your cambering needs.


While Hodgson prides itself on it’s plate rolling and bending abilities, we can also offer flattening as another valuable service to our customers. Contact one of our sales people to confirm our capabilities for your flattening needs.

Splitting & Straightening

On occasion the requirement for T’s presents itself. Hodgson has the equipment needed to not only split the T’s from beams, but also the expertise and equipment to straighten the T’s after burning.

Warehousing Capabilities

We understand that larger projects require certain storage requirements. At Hodgson we are prepared to offer secure storage facilities. Beyond our own production facility we can offer inside and outside storage options depending on your project needs.


Available upon request.

Miscellaneous Fabrications

Heavy plate fabrications to customer specifications.

CAD Services

Hodgson’s drafting department thoroughly reviews all job requirements prior to being issued to the shop for production. When required, clarifications are discussed with the customer and then detailed using 2D drafting or 3D modeling. For jobs involving formed shapes or cones, accurate flat plate developments are drawn and can be supplied to our customers, or material suppliers for profile cutting. Efficient plate nesting drawings can also be provided to minimize waste and greatly reduce material costs.

Logistics & Transportations

Most importantly you have found the right company to do your plate rolling and forming for you. The logistics of getting the material to our facility or having the end-product sent directly to you will not be a problem. Hodgson Custom Rolling can assist you with packaging, shipping, customs, and duties; or we would be more than happy to take care of that aspect of the job completely. Our customers are located all over the world and we are adept at coordinating the logistics through North America, South America, Europe, and beyond. If you have any questions in regards to these matters, please call us to discuss.

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    related services
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