Brake Forming

We are your heavy plate forming service provider

The Brake Forming Experts

Hodgson Custom Rolling’s brake forming department consists of multiple mechanical and hydraulic brake presses, ranging from 300T to 6000T. This range of equipment enables us to accurately form plates from:

  • Material thickness up to 20” thick.
  • Up to 16 feet wide.
  • Up to 6000T capacity.
  • Hot and cold forming available.

We can form a variety of shapes including single bend brackets, pipe clamps, cylinders/cylindrical segments, compound curves, concentric and eccentric cones/reducers, transitions (square to round, oval to round etc.), knuckle segments, and dished plates. We are your heavy steel plate forming service provider.

    Formed Steel Segments
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    Steel Rolling
    Forming Steel Columns
    Steel Cone fabrication
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