Architectural & Artistic Projects

Custom Steelwork

Hodgson Custom Rolling has always appreciated the talent and skill of its employees; in many ways they are artisans and craftsmen. On the occasions where architectural and artistic projects come our way; our people definitely rise to the occasion and challenge. We have enjoyed being part of many high profile sculptures, art projects, and architectural works; please contact one of our sales people to discuss your project.

Spiral & Curved Stairs

This component of Hodgson Custom Rolling Inc. has grown tremendously in the last 20 years. One of the reasons for this growth is Hodgson’s ability to provide a product that coincides with the architect’s vision for their staircase. In many of these cases the curved staircase is the signature element to the rest of the project. Therefore it is imperative that the stringers are dimensionally accurate, plumb, symmetrical, structurally sound and most importantly, aesthetically pleasing. For these reasons Hodgson has been privileged enough to supply spiral or curved stringers for a variety of customers throughout North America.

Hodgson Custom Rolling’s unique combination of angle steel rolling, steel plate rolling, and brake forming equipment gives us unparalleled abilities to produce spiralled stair stringers and railing of all shapes and sizes. Past projects have varied from single radius to elliptical and compound curves of consistent or changing pitch in a wide range of materials from channel or single plate stringers, ¼” round bar to 6” XXS pipe, 1” square tubing to fully fabricated box sections, oval handrail and decorative moldings using carbon and stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. Whether your requirements are simply the spiral stringers themselves or a complete stair fabrication, Hodgson is best prepared to assist you with your project.

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